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scissor lift

At NIHVA, we provide hydraulic Scissor lift manufactured with the best quality raw material, that provides safe operation and long-term reliability. These scissor lifts are designed with the support of the latest technology and advanced machinery. NIHVA is emerging as the well-acknowledged lift manufacturers in the automation industry. Scissor lifts are widely used in workshops and buildings and offer dependable ways to streamline industrial and technological processes. Have a table surface to place the weight and the lift management is done by the control panel having four buttons: Main switch, platform Up, Down, and emergency button. Electric scissor lifts are functional for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our scissor lift price is according to the market standards and we take care of the client’s specifications while delivering the facility.

Features of scissor lifts – 

  • Ideal for vertical material movement
  • Upto 15 T capacity
  • Floor mounted or pit mounted
  • Complete hydraulically operated
  • Safety limit switches and fall arrestor for occupational safety

What are scissor lifts and how are these used in construction projects?

Scissor lifts are a type of construction lift that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are equipped with machinery and a platform that can lift workers as well as heavy loads to elevated areas.

Scissor lifts are useful construction tools that can offer a study enclosure and an elevated platform that help workers carry out tasks accurately at high elevations, whether it comes to cable wiring or close inspections. There are variations in scissor lifts, when it comes to type of fuel used, application and size. Knowing about these variations will help you choose the right equipment for your project.

Hydraulic scissor lifts

Hydraulic systems are driven by an engine or can be manual in nature. The alternating hydraulic oil pressure in the equipment helps to operate the lift, move up the platform and bring it down. This kind of a lift is comparatively easy to operate and does not require much training for users.


Diesel scissor lifts

These are the most commonly used construction site lifts today. These come with a steel cross-braced signature system that lets you reach elevations of up to 60 feet above the ground. Some of these lifts can take you as high as 30 feet over the ground, however. These emit fumes and are noisy because they draw power from regular diesel fuel. Naturally, these are intended to be used in well ventilated areas or outdoor construction sites. These are also heavy in design.


Electric scissor lifts

Electric scissor lifts are also quite popular, as they can be a good alternative to diesel scissor lifts. They are silent in operation and can work with electric power, making them ideal for indoor spaces with poor ventilation. Electric scissor lifts are much lighter than their diesel counterparts, which makes them suitable for smaller areas.


Rough terrain scissor lifts

These types of lifts are designed for use in outdoor areas, and they include heavy duty tires and a higher weight capacity. They also come with extra safety systems, such as fall arresters and fall restraint systems. These features make them perfect for construction sites with uneven slopes and surfaces, or for projects that must be carried out in harsh weather conditions.

You can reach 50 feet high with these machines, which are powered by dual fuel, liquid propane, gas or diesel.


Pneumatic scissor lifts

These lifts are safer than traditional lifts, which emit hazardous byproducts and fumes into the environment and contribute to carbon footprint.

Atmospheric lifts compress air and lift vacuums. They do not have any fuel and therefore offer less power than a diesel or rough terrain lift. They can be used in almost any type of environment, including indoor areas, given that they need only air for operations.


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