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Manipulator devices are pneumatic articulated arm balancer in the ultimate load classes 50 kg to 300 kg with a max. Working radius of 2,500 mm and a lifting range of 1500 mm as standard features. Due to the specially designed lifting cylinder connection, we achieve a constant balancing performance in the entire lifting area. The manipulator could be operated as a pillar device, a hanging device, or a device that can be moved into a rail system. The devices can be combined easily or can be upgraded with distinct modules. All gripper models (mechanical, vacuum gripper, magnetic gripper, tilt and rotary axis, etc.) and pneumatic control models can be combined as well. Due to this extraordinary level of flexibility, each Manipulator can be modified in accordance to the specific application to achieve optimal performance area of application:
  • Seat Handling
  • Battery Handling
  • Door Handling
  • Tire Wheel Handling
  • Other Mechanical Assemblies
  • Cylinder Head & Block Handling
  • Any Lifting Area
Technical Specification:
  1. Maximum Lifting Capacity.(Inclusive of Gripper weight.) : 80 Kg @ 6 bar air pressure
  2. Highest lifting Stroke: 650 mm – 1200mm
  3. Lifting speed: approx. 30 m/min
  4. Lowering speed: approx. 30 m/min
  5. Operating radius (max) : 1650 mm – 2200mm
  6. Rotation around the main column. : 360°
  7. Working air pressure: 6 bar
  8. Air consumption per double stroke : 20 NL – 30 NL
  9. Noise generation : < 70 dB
  10. Working range Temperature – 0 to 50°C
  11. Equipment weight :Approx. 110 kg
  12. Approx. 300 Kg
  13. Approx. 400 Kg
  14. Approx. 475 Kg

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