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pick and place

PICK & PLACE is a very widely used device in Automation, it is an essential motion subsystem component of the robotic system for positioning, orienting objects so that robots can perform a useful task. Its arm provides exact positioning due to free, almost effortless horizontal and vertical movement, constant support, and positive control at all times. The operator functions as a guide in the control system. This enables quick and accurate 3-dimensional handling along with minimum pressure needed by the operator to control the inertia of the load being handled. In industrial ergonomics, Lift-assist devices are used to hold jobs in the lift, helplessness, and article processing, which are too heavy, too hot, too large, or otherwise difficult to handle by hand workers alone. As opposed to simply vertical lift assists (cranes, hoists, etc.) it can have the ability to reach into tight spaces and remove workpieces.

Inputs required from you to share offer

  • suction/holding pressure suitable as per the application
  • size of the part to be pick & place
  • lifting height of the part
  • moving radius if client need rotary type pick & place
  • space available for machine


  • size of PICK & PLACE can vary according to particular specifications & application like the size of the part to be pick & place
  • Maximum size of PICK & PLACE can be used in the automotive industry which is manufacturing lightweight parts through injection molding. Like dashboard, etc

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