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truck loading conveyor

Material Handling is wasteful activity and every industry should focus on reducing it to the maximum extent possible. This is possible using our Loading Unloading conveyors. NIHVA is a leading truck loading conveyor manufacturer, making the Truck Loading Conveyors that suit your explicit needs and expectations. The cutting-edge technology that we use enables us in designing and manufacturing several types of material handling belt conveyors, to suit a variety of client needs.

Carrying the material to and between the truck and the loading bay is a tedious job, which requires a lot of manpower and money. To automate this process, a truck loading conveyor is used. A truck loading conveyor is a type of loading-unloading conveyor which is used for the purpose of material handling at the docking bay of trucks. The truck loading conveyor is typically used while loading and unloading small cartons, bags or items of uniform shapes on the truck. These items may include small heavy bags, boxes, sheet metal, ingots, casting items, etc.

Features of Truck Loading Conveyor –
  • Load carrying capacity - 50 kg/m
  • Lifting angle up to 20°
  • Cantilever length up to3 meters.
  • Used to carry boxes, bags, etc
  • Available in a single lift and double lift configuration.
  • Overall size customizable as per requirement.
With more than 7 years of experience in Industrial Automation, NIHVA Technologies design and manufacture best-in-class Truck Loading Conveyors. Our expert team of service engineers and technicians is skilled at installation and commissioning. Along with a standard warranty, we also provide after-sale services like spare support, one-time maintenance, breakdown maintenance, AMC, etc on all our conveyors.




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